The students of University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City (UAH), who were the first-prize winners of the BIM-ArchiCAD 2017 Architecture Design Contest, and an International Relations staffer, paid a visit to Japan from 23-28 October 2017 at the invitation and sponsorship of Graphisoft, the company that has collaborated with UAH to hold the competition since 2014.

During the trip, the delegation had a meeting with leaders of Graphisoft at its headquarter discussing how to improve the quality and expand the competition to students of the Urban Planning, and Civil Engineering, and Interior Architecture ... to raise more awareness for the competition as a traditional academic playground for students of UAH.

Thanks to the arrangement of Graphisoft, the delegation visited architect Ide, the founder of Archtenic Architects - one of the leading Japanese companies in the field of technology application in architectural design. Mr. Ide also shared with the students, who are going to be architects, his design philosophy and creative ideas in architectural design of civil and housing projects through his own works.

In addition, the delegation visited and discussed technology application in architectural design with students of Tokyo Institute of Technology. Students of UAH and Japanese students had an exciting time with interesting exchanges about the role of technology in the field of architectural practice within the context of the digital age.

The delegation also spent time participating in the Workshop on Architectural and Construction Design Technology introducing new and leading architectural design technologies of Japan. They then visited some remarkable buildings and distinctive areas of Japan's traditional and modern architecture, such as Yoyogi Gymnasium, Ginza Town, Takeshima Street (Cosplay Street), Meiji Temple, Yokohama Harbor ...

It is expected that the BIM-ArchiCAD 2018 Architecture Design Contest, of which open-innovation oriented theme and content are consistent with developing scale and role of the contest, will start from March 2018.


(By Si Nguyen, Photos: Chu Hung, Viet Loi)


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